Brief History of CSE Department

  • In the month of October 2001 Bangladesh University opened its doors to students with Late Quazi Azher Ali as the first Vice-Chancellor of the University with only one department Computer Science & Engineering. The total students of the 1st Batch are 17.

    The University started its activities with 3 Faculties,1 Departments, 17 students and 1 academic cum administrative building. At present the University consists of 3 Faculties, 10 Departments, 3 academic buildings, 2 hostels and more than 5000 student in BU of which total current CSE students are 1400.

    The main purpose of the University was to create new areas of knowledge and disseminate this knowledge to the society through its students. Since its inception the University has a distinct character of having distinguished scholars as faculties who have enriched the global pool of knowledge by making notable contributions in the fields of teaching and research.

    The high standard of education and research for the University was set by its first Late Quazi Azher Ali when in the 1st Convocation address he said, “A man may be an excellent teacher of elementary subjects without the power to add to knowledge. But in advanced work I maintain that no one can really teach well unless he has the combination of imagination with critical power which leads to the original production (of knowledge), and for that if for no other reason, a university to be a true university must see that its teachers are men who are also capable of advancing knowledge.”

    While serving as the highest echelon of academic excellence, the University also functions as a central premise for free thought and democratic practices that would lead the nation to its march towards progress. Bangladesh University is increasingly striving to combine the pursuit of knowledge and truth with the values and needs of an evolving society.
    Presently the University enrolls more than 1000 students per semester of which about 150 students are enrolling in this department. Actually the student admission rate increases when our present head of the department took the charge of this department in 2007. After that he took initiatives for the admission of students and his mission is now successful. At present CSE is the 2nd highest number of students in BU.
    The CSE Department is dedicated to the advancement of learning, and is committed to promoting research in all fields of knowledge. As there are plans for further expansion of facilities, plans for new avenues and opportunities, the course curricula are updated and new research projects are undertaken every year. As the pioneer, the University has taken the task to foster the transformation processes of the individual students and the country as a whole through its educational and research facilities keeping up with demands of the day.